Sunday, March 17, 2019

TotalD Pro v.5.7 Full Version Included Patch

Download TotalD Pro v.5.7 Full Version Included Patch
TotalD Pro v.5.7 Full Version Included Patch
Easy attractive and modern themes
Continuous download
Simultaneous downloads of all servers
One interface for all the downloads
Bittorrent: Download torrents
Direct Download: Support the most important hosting pages
Online video: Dailymotion, Vimeo, and other websites
Screenshots: All the downloads in one screen
Options: Control manager easily

BitTorrent Features
BitTorrent protocol extensions supported: uTP, Bittorent Extension Protocol, PeX (Peer Exchange), DHT (Trackerless Torrent), IPv6, Multitracker Extension, Local Peer Discovery, and UDP-Tracker Protocol
Automatic request queue to improve download speed
Nat-PMP and UPnP support (automatic port mapping on routers)
CPU and memory efficient
Disk caching
The implementation is based on Libtorrent (
Automatic upload slots: to optimize download rate without spreading upload capacity too thin. The number of upload slots is adjusted based on the peers’ download capacity to work even for connections that are orders of magnitude faster than other

Download TotalD Pro v.5.7 Full Version Included Patch

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